2017 Ford Ecosport Review, Prices and Specifications

After this car was introduced in the international automotive market, Indonesia became the next country to be visited by this car, given the enthusiasm of Indonesian citizens for SUVs is quite high. This car is used to compete with automotive companies engaged in the Indonesian SUV market. Although this car has a price that is quite cheap because it is priced arround $14.000, the features pinned by this car are not inferior to other SUVs.

2017 ford ecosport


The exterior of Ford Ecosport 2017 carries a look that is almost similar to a Ford Fiesta but has a fairly high Ground Clearance considering that this car is made with an SUV design. In addition, this car is equipped with features that make this car look more manly, sporty and luxurious.

Front design

The design of the front head of this car looks more sporty and elegant thanks to the head lamp which blends with the chrome accented grille that has the Ford logo in the middle. In addition there is a chrome-accented hexagon grille and fog lamp in the front bumper which adds to the sporty and aerodynamic impression.

Side design

The top of this car looks simple but looks dashing and sporty thanks to the aerodynamic curves for the rear door and roof spoiler mounted on the car. Coupled with high Ground Clearance, this car has a strong impression.

Rear design

At the rear of this car is equipped with clear lights that make the country look elegant. In addition to the bumper parts there are side skirts that feature an aerodynamic and sporty impression. Do not forget to use the tire storage at the luggage door that matches the color of the car.

Continue to the interior of the Ford Ecosport 2017. The interior design of this car carries a modern and elegant concept. Supporting features for making the inside of this car feel luxurious and sporty. The size of the cabin is also quite extensive so that it provides enough space for the driver and passengers.

Dashboard and Steering Wheel

The dashboard of this car uses a 2-tone color that looks sporty. Don’t forget there is a multimedia feature in the center of the dashboard that will entertain you throughout the trip and can be accessed easily because it is connected with SYNC technology. SYNC technology is a new innovation where the driver will be facilitated to set options such as adjusting the volume or answering the phone using only voice. On the steering wheel there is an Audio Control button that helps the driver make a sound without having to remove the steering wheel. In addition there is Electric Power Steering which will make it easier for the driver to control the steering wheel.


The seats on this car use high quality leather but are only available on Titanium cars. Of course the chair will provide better facilities than occupied. For other types given to give the impression of being sporty and charming.


The back has a large enough space and can accommodate many items. Apparently the back seat is not worn and folded so the back bedroom is much wider.

This ford ecosport is really beautiful SUV. If you don’t like the design you can check another SUV car from ford that is 2020 Ford Bronco.¬†That car has a sturdy design. It’s really awesome for men.


After looking around the interior and interior of the millions of Ford SUVs, we will now discuss the features of the Ford Ecosport 2017. The safety features of this car have Dual Airbags on the front and use the Anti-lock Braking (ABS) braking system. Not only that, this car is also equipped with seat belts in each seat and Hill Launch Assist technology that keeps the Ford Ecosport stable when used through uphill roads. The security features in this car are parking sensors and Keyless Vehicle which unfortunately are only available for Titanium types. For all types of Ford Ecosport has Immobilizer technology that will keep the car safe when not in use.

The Ford Ecosport 2017 engine uses a 1.5-liter Sigma TiVCT engine, 4 cylinder DOHC 16V (In-Line) with a cylinder capacity of 1,499 cc. This engine is capable of producing maximum power of 110 PS at 650 rpm engine speed and produces maximum torque of 142 Nm at 4,500 rpm. Do not forget this car has a combustion system with Electric Injection technology that makes the engine able to work optimally and improve fuel efficiency. The transmission system has a 6-speed transmission system for the automatic version, and 5-speed transmission for the manual version.

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